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Bodies of water – oceans, seas, straights, gulfs, bays, lakes, rivers, and even puddles and ponds – contain multiple dimensions of histories, cultures, and topographies of the world. They have facilitated the movement of resources, goods, and people over long distances. Geographers, historians, and artists have mapped the oceans throughout time, including figures like Ptolemy, Islamic cartographers, and indigenous cultures. Paul Gilroy’s concept of the Black Atlantic transcends national boundaries, while Edouard Glissant sees water as both terrifying and a source of shared knowledge.

The 58th Annual UCLA Art History Graduate Symposium, In/On/Across Bodies of Water, will explore bodies of water as media of expression, spaces of connection, frameworks of thoughts, and systems of cultural exchanges in art history. Examples of topic include The Indian Ocean World; Atlantic Ocean; Pacific Ocean; The Mediterranean Sea; Inland seas; Piracy; Transatlantic/oceanic/pacific crossing; Maritime Silk Routes; Shipwrecks; Chinese treasure ships; Slave ship; Age of Exploration.

In/On/Across Bodies of Water will be an in-person symposium on Friday, October 27, 2023 at The Hammer Museum (Los Angeles, CA). For further information, please visit our webpage (

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