Professor Hui-shu Lee to deliver keynote lecture at Challenging Empire: Women, Art, and the Global Early Modern World symposium

Professor Hui-shu Lee will be delivering a keynote lecture at the Challenging Empire: Women, Art, and the Global Early Modern World symposium. Her presentation, entitled, “Embodying Yin: The Agency and Creativity of Chinese Women in Art,” will close out this two-day conference.

The symposium, part of the project Global Makers: Women Artists in the Early Modern Courts of Europe and Asia, is intended to extend and expand knowledge of cultural production by and for early modern women – particularly those associated with the courts – on a global scale. This symposium aims to address this lacuna while de-centering the traditional Euro-centric model of study in the analysis of women’s cultural production, presentation and consumption surrounding courts and empires (institutions associated with ruling power). The goal is to encourage a more equitable view of early modern women’s experiences of and with art globally, across traditionally held national and continental boundaries.

Professor Hui-shu Lee’s presentation will occur on Saturday, March 2nd, 2024 at the Birmingham Museum of Art in Alabama.

The conference will be held both in person and virtually. For more information please click hereTo register for the event, please click here.