The UCLA Department of Art History is proud is proud to offer a diverse range of special opportunities and partnerships to enrich both undergraduate graduate studies as well as faculty research beyond the Department’s extensive curricular offerings. Such special programs range from partnerships with arts institutions and foundations and fellow universities to unique internship and fieldwork opportunities.

Art History Practicum Initiative

The UCLA-LACMA Art History Practicum Initiative

With the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the UCLA-LACMA Art History Practicum Initiative reimagines the training of the future art historian through a new practicum-based curriculum that integrates opportunities for students to directly engage with works of art and to become familiar with the museum as an institutional operation. This museum-university partnership is the first of its kind on the west coast and will prepare a new generation of qualified scholars to pursue careers that comfortably encompass both the academic arena and the museum field.

UCLA and LACMA are working in collaborative partnership over four years (2013-2017) to design and offer new curriculum opportunities that (re)introduce the work of art at the core of the study of art history. These opportunities include but are not limited to:

Research Assistantship and Independent Study
Students work with LACMA curatorial staff as research assistants and receive Independent Study course credit.

Collection Seminar
Courses integrate the study of specific objects in the LACMA collection, with meetings on campus and at LACMA. Visits to the collection or specific exhibitions may also feature museum personnel such as curatorial or art preparation staff.

Materials and Techniques of Production
Courses expose students to the nature of specific materials and production methods, highlighting the historical and aesthetic significance of technical choices made by the artist in the physical realization of a work. These courses integrate hands-on demonstrations and workshops (by instructors, conservators, and guest speakers), field trips to relevant resource or production sites, visits with experts at LACMA and beyond.

Exhibition and Display
Seminars are organized to support in-depth study of exhibitions on view or in planning stages, and will introduce students to the ways in which the exhibition as itself a cultural object “writes” art history. Comprehensive exploration of the historical, conceptual, aesthetic, logistical, economic, and political issues that pertain to modes of display and organization of exhibitions.

Curatorial Sequence
This year-long course is an alternative to conventional curatorial studies programs, allowing a select team of 3-4 students to team-curate their own exhibition with objects drawn from LACMA’s encyclopedic permanent collection. Students are encouraged to test existing temporal and geographical boundaries of art history to explore new connections and interpretations.

Summer Research Internships
Each graduate student entering the program can participate in a paid summer research internship following his or her first year of study in residence. This opportunity allows students to closely observe, support, and engage LACMA’s internal organization and working procedures while pursuing archival research projects directed/supervised by the museum’s archive staff.

Please visit LACMA’s website for more information about the program and museum.

UCLA and Fundación AMA

UCLA and Fundación AMA 

Launched in 2015, a generous gift from the Chile-based Fundación AMA has bolstered the UCLA Department of Art History’s work in Latin American art by providing students and scholars direct access to the rich culture of the Chilean region. This pilot program funds a graduate student research fellowship, in addition to establishing an international scholar exchange and providing funding for a travel award for undergraduate students. Announcements and extended details about opportunities for eligible graduate student study and undergraduate travel awards will be circulated via department listserv and hosted on this page when available.

Read more about UCLA-FAMA partnership here and stay tuned for future program developments.

Visit the Fundación AMA website for more information about the foundation and their work.

The Grunwald Center Research Internship
at the Hammer Museum

The Grunwald Center Research Internship at the Hammer Museum

Launched in 2015, the new Grunwald Center Research Internship offers promising undergraduate art history majors the opportunity to engage in the scholarly study of prints, drawings, photographs, and artist’s books at the Grunwald Center under the supervision of the Center’s curatorial staff, Director Cynthia Burlingham and Curatorial Associate Leslie Cozzi. Students will gain first-hand experience with museum work and object-based research while learning about the vocabulary, techniques, and materials common to works on paper. Alongside regular readings and discussions on the history and practice of print-making, students will conduct focused, independent research on an assigned group of objects from the center’s collection. Through this process, students will not only gain a solid knowledge of prints as a medium but also learn specialized research and interpretive skills central to professional curatorial practice.

The internship is a 4-unit course offered during the fall quarter; applicants must be undergraduate Art History majors (juniors/seniors preferred); selections will be based on merit and made by the Grunwald Center curatorial staff in consultation with the Department of Art History). The application cycle for the Fall 2015 internship has closed; announcements and detailed application information for Fall 2016 will be circulated by Student Affairs Officer Erika Santoyo during the Spring 2016 quarter.

For more information about the The Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts at The Hammer Museum, please click here.