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Generously funded by the UCLA Arts Council, the Distinguished Scholar Lectureship brings to the Department an esteemed senior figure in the field of art history on an annual or biannual basis.  In addition to a public lecture, the Distinguished Scholar shares his or her work through additional lectures, seminars, or courses, allowing for deeper and extended engagement with Art History faculty, students, and others in the UCLA community.


Geeta Kapur
Independent art critic, theorist, and curator
Delhi, India

T.J. Clark
Professor Emeritus
University of California, Berkeley

Thierry de Duve
Professor Emeritus
University of Lille III

Jaś Elsner
Distinguished Visiting Professor
Oxford University and the University of Chicago

Joan Holladay
University of Texas at Austin

Hal Foster
Townsend Martin, Class of 1917, Professor of Art and Archaeology
Princeton University



The annual Patricia McCarron McGinn Lectureship was inaugurated in 1992 to showcase the scholarship of a faculty member in the Department.  It was established in honor of Patricia McCarron McGinn (1927 – 1991), who was an outstanding student in the UCLA Department of Art History. Her enthusiasm, depth of commitment, and dedication to the challenges of graduate study as a returning student enlivened and expanded the scholarly perspective of the program. To honor her memory, her family, with the generous support of many friends, established the Patricia McCarron McGinn Fund to aid students engaged in the study of art history at UCLA and to sponsor the McGinn Lectureship.

2010 McGinn Lecture honoree Professor Steven D. Nelson lecturing at Harvard University.

Recent Honorees

Lamia Balafrej
“The Art of Concealing Labor: Sugar and Architecture in 16th-century Morocco”

David Scott
“Surrogates and Copies: From Veronese to Duchamp”

Bronwen Wilson
“Blindness, Uncertainty, and Sensation”

Sharon Gerstel
“Of Bodies and Spirits: Soundscapes of Byzantium”

Stella Nair
“Alcohol, Sex, and Inca Architecture”

Donald F. McCallum
“Where has everybody gone? People in the Painting of Matsumo Shunsuke”

Meredith Cohen
“When Gothic Became French”

Saloni Mathur
“Charles and Ray Eames in India”

Steven D. Nelson
“Karmen Geï: Sex, the State, and Censorship in Dakar”

Past Honorees

Dell Upton, 2009
Charlene Villasenor Black, 2008
Z.S. Strother, 2007
George Baker, 2006
Burglind Jungmann, 2005
Irene Bierman, 2004
Miwon Kwon, 2003
Lothar von Falkenhausen, 2002
Albert Boime, 2001
Cecelia F. Klein, 2000
Cecile Whiting, 1999
Robert L. Brown, 1998
Donald McCallum, 1997
Susan B. Downey, 1996
David Kunzle, 1995
Anthony Vidler, 1994
Joanna Woods-Marsden, 1993
Albert Boime, 1992


This annual lecture series was established in 2011 by John Millson, a former mathematics professor at UCLA (1980-90), in loving memory of his wife Gretchen Taylor Millson.  Each year the Department invites a distinguished woman artist or art historian to give a lecture in Gretchen’s honor, who was especially interested in the overlap of feminism and art.

Gretchen Taylor Millson was born in Los Angeles on June 20, 1938 and graduated from UCLA in 1961 with a B.A. in Art. Known in the art world as Gretchen Glicksman, she worked at a number of distinguished arts institutions during her career, including the Pasadena Art Museum (now the Norton Simon Museum), the International Exhibition Program of the National Collection of Fine Arts (now the Smithsonian American Art Museum), and the University Art Museum in Berkeley.  With urging from Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapiro, she opened Womanspace in 1973, the first gallery in Los Angeles entirely devoted to art by women.

2015 Millson Lecture speaker Mabel O. Wilson, Nancy and George E. Rupp Professor of Architecture at Columbia University.


Mabel O. Wilson
Nancy and George E. Rupp Professor, Architecture
Columbia University
“Other Monumentalities: Race, Style, and National Architecture”

Madeline H. Caviness
Mary Richardson Professor Emeritus
Tufts University
“The Jewish Hat: Badge of Shame or Mark of Honor?”

Anne Wagner
Chair Emerita, Dept of Art History
University of California, Berkeley
“Rosemarie Trockle’s Wonderland: A Feminist World View”

Sally Stein
Professor Emerita, Dept of Art History and Visual Studies
University of California, Irvine
“Between f/stops and F-starts: Women and Photography between the “Waves” of Feminism”

Faith Wilding
Artist, and formerly Associate Professor of Performance Art
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
“Bread and Roses: Making Feminist Art and Politics”