Professor Thiago Puglieri to deliver talk at Columbia University on April 18th

Professor Thiago Puglieri will be delivering a talk at Columbia University on the Community-Driven Co-Production of Knowledge Earth Network. The lecture is entitled, “Community-Based Participatory Research in Technical Art History and Conservation Science and Ethics in the Scientific Investigation of Indigenous Sacred and Ceremonial Items: The Case of the Tikuna/Magüta Blue.”

“The scientific investigation of Indigenous sacred and ceremonial items have unique ethical considerations when compared to European decorative and fine arts. Additionally, engaging Indigenous communities in these investigations is vital in defining research goals, methods, and dissemination since it relates to mutual benefits, power sharing, and social justice. The engagement with Indigenous communities adds an extra layer of complexity when considering effective communication and understanding among team members, requesting the use of structured methodologies. This presentation will discuss, through the case of a new blue colorant from the Amazon Forest, how we have been using the Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) approach in our project with the Tikuna/Magüta people. The presentation will also address the ethical considerations we propose for the scientific investigation of Indigenous sacred and ceremonial items, and other contexts when the raw materials are only available in protected lands and members of communities are still alive and practicing their traditional methods.”

The hybrid event will occur at 9 AM (PST) on April 18th and all are welcome to attend via Zoom. To join online, please click here.