Gregory Harwell

Adjunct Assistant Professor


John Pohl

Adjunct Professor


Debora L. Silverman

Professor, Department of History
Office: Bunche 6265
Phone: 310-825-5066



FALL 2017

Doris Chon
AH 232: Selected Topics in Contemporary Art – Harald Szeemann’s Museologies

Jennifer Josten
AH 271: Latin American Art on Display in LA – From Preparation to Praxis

Nicholas Machida
AH 232: Contemporary Art, 1940s and 50s

John Pohl
AH 27: Art and Architecture of the Ancient Americas
AH 185: Undergraduate Seminar – Pre-Columbian/Colonial Art and Writing Systems of Southern Mexico

FALL 2016

Shanna Kennedy-Quigley
AH 20: Ancient Art

Keelan Overton
AH 119A: Western Islamic Art
AH 185: Undergraduate Seminar – Architecture of Iran, circa 900 – 1650: Canon and Beyond

Natasha Medvedev
AH 127B: European Art of the 19th Century

John Pohl
AH C139B: Aztec Art and Architecture

Beth Rosenblum
AH 143: Selected Topics in Latin American Art – Belkis Ayón and Contemporary Cuban Art



Michelle Craig
AH C145A: Architecture and Urbanism in Africa

Gregrory Harwell
AH 127A: European Art of the 17th and 18th Century

Keelan Overton
AH 119A: Western Islamic Art

Beth Rosenblum
AH 144: Carribean Art

FALL 2015

Michelle Craig
AH 100: Art History Theory and Methods

Benille Emmanuel
AH 154A: Early Art of India

Gregory Harwell
AH 124: Northern Renaissance

Keelan Overton
119B: Eastern Islamic Art

Beth Rosenblum
AH C242B: Latin American Art – 20th Century