Ph.D. Recipients


Alessandra Amin Mother Figure: Art and the Palestinian Dream State, 1965-1982
Chair: Saloni Mathur

Louise Deglin Creative Reinvention: Forging a Visual Identity for the Wari Empire (600-1000 CE)
Chair: Stella Nair

Franka Horvat Insular Power: Reconstructing the Social, Economic and Artistic Networks of the Elaphiti Islands
Chair: Sharon Gerstel

Carlos Rivas Aerial Views of Central America’s Rio Lempa Basin in the Descripcion Geografico-Moral de la Diocesis de Goathemala, 1768-1770
Chair: Charlene Villaseñor Black


Jamin An The Curator as the Artist’s Friend: Henry Geldzahler Negotiating Artistic Autonomy in the 1960s
Chair: Miwon Kwon

JoAnna Reyes Piety, Plata, and Place: Civic Development and Devotion in Colonial Zacatecas
Chair: Charlene Villaseñor Black

Rebecca Wolff
Experience and Memory: The Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970) and Nigerian Contemporary Art
Chair: Steven Nelson


Kristina Borrman
Planning the American Neighborhood: The Science of Sociability at the Dawning of Desegregation (1933-1965)
Chair: Dell Upton

Mya Chau
Communities & Cultural Exchanges of Champa: the Art of the Chams in Central and Southern Vietnam
Chair: Robert Brown

Campbell Garland
Case Studies on Agency and Identity in the Art and Architecture of the Late Medieval Morea, Epirus, and Kingdom of Naples
Chair: Sharon Gerstel

Zachary Rottman
A Cinematic Atopia: Robert Smithson and the Filmic Afterlife of the Soviet Avant-Garde
Chair: George Baker


Megan Bernstein
Civil Service: English Parochial Architecture, 1150-1300
Chair: Meredith Cohen

Soyeon Kim
Worshipping the Stars:  The Buddha of Polaris in Early Modern Korean Visual Culture
Chair: Burglind Jungmann

Mark Pawlowski
Housing and the Village Landscape in the Byzantine Mani
Chair: Sharon Gerstel

Lauren Taylor
The Art of Diplomacy in Dakar: The International Politics of Display at the 1966 Premier Festival Mondial des Arts Nègres
Chair: Steven Nelson

Hye-shim Yi
The Calligraphic Art of Chen Hongshou 陳鴻壽 (1768-1822) and the Practice of Inscribing in the Middle Qing
Chair: Hui-shu Lee


Megan Driscoll
Art on the Internet and the Digital Public Sphere, 1994 – 2003
Chair: Miwon Kwon

Lakshika Senarath Gamage
The Dwelling of the War God: the Art and Architecture of Embekke Devale in Medieval and Early Modern Sri Lanka
Chair: Robert Brown

Aparna Kumar
Partition and the Historiography of Art in South Asia
Chair: Saloni Mathur

Ja Won Lee
Visualizing the Past: Collecting and Representing Chinese Antiquities in Late Chosŏn Korea
Chair: Burglind Jungmann

Kathy Mak
The New Look of Mountains and Rivers: Landscape and the Imagining of Socialist China during The Seventeen Years Period (1949-1966)
Chair: Hui-shu Lee

Megan Metcalf
In the New Body: Simone Forti’s Dance Constructions (1960-61) and their Acquisition by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Chair: Miwon Kwon

Alice Sophia Powers
Intimate Durations: Reimagining Contemporary Indian Photography
Chair: Saloni Mathur

Elizabeth Searcy
By Any Means Necessary: The Art of Carrie Mae Weems, 1978-1991
Chair: Steven Nelson


Tracy Bonfitto
The Rock Garden: A Study of Memory, Place-Making, and Community in Chandigarh, India
Chair: Saloni Mathur

Dwight Carey
Building the Creole Empire: Architecture, Urbanism, and Social Space in the French Colonial World, 1659-1818
Chair: Steven Nelson

Yve Chavez
Indigenous Artists, Ingenuity, and Resistance at the California Missions After 1769
Chair: Charlene Villaseñor Black

Jessica Farquhar
Beyond Binding: Reconceptualizing Watson and Kaye’s ‘The People of India’ (1868-1875)
Chair: Robert Brown

Joanna Fiduccia
Hollow Man: Alberto Giacometti and the Crisis of the Monument, 1935-45
Chair: George Baker

Andrea Gyorody
‘Object into Action and Action into Object’: Joseph Beuys and the Political Work of Social Sculpture
Chair: George Baker

Ka-yi Ho
Art Production of the Late Ming Court during the Wanli Era, 1573-1620
Chair: Hui-shu Lee

Nicholas Machida
The Syntax of Sites: Art and United States Urban Infrastructure, 1956-1980
Chair: Miwon Kwon

Julia McHugh
Dressing Andean Spaces: Textiles, Painting, and Architecture in the Colonial Imagination
Chair: Charlene Villaseñor Black

Gabriel Ritter
Beyond Surrealism: Kitawaki Noboru and the Avant-Garde During Wartime Japan, 1931-1951
Chair: Steven Nelson


Tenley Bick
Figure as Model: The Early Work of Michelangelo Pistoletto, 1956–1966
Chair: George Baker

Helen Ellis
Quetzalcoatl, and Grass Imagery: Science in the Central Mexican Codex Borgia
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Kavior Moon
From Site to Comparative Relations: Works by Michael Asher, 1976­–1998
Chair: Miwon Kwon


Erica Jones
The Multiple Lives of Objects: Museum, Memory, and Modernity in the Cameroon Grassfields
Chair: Steven Nelson

Ying-chen Peng
Staging Sovereignty: Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908) and Late Qing court Art Production
Chair: Hui-shu Lee

Naomi Pitamber
Replacing Byzantium: Laskarid Urban Environments and the Landscape of Loss (1204-1261)
Chair: Sharon Gerstel

Julie Romain
Courtly Culture and Visual Art in India: Ramayana Reliefs on Hindu Temples of the Sixth to Eighth Century
Chair: Robert Brown

Yoonjung Seo
Connecting Across Boundaries: The Use of Chinese Images in Late Choson Court Art from Transcultural and Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Chair: Burglind Jungmann

Sarah-Neel Smith
Art, Democracy, and the Culture of Dissent in 1950s Turkey
Chair: Saloni Mathur


James Fishburne
Casting an Ecclesiastical Prince: Portrait Medals of Pope Julius II
Chair: Joanna Woods-Marsden

Peter Weller
Alberti Before Florence: Early Sources Informing Leon Battista Alberti’s De pictura
Chair: Charlene Villaseñor Black


Natilee Harren
Objects Without Object: The Artwork in Flux, 1958-1969
Chair: George Baker

Beth Rosenblum
From “Special Period” Aesthetics to Global Relevance in Cuban Art: Tania Bruguera, Carlos Garaicoa, and Los Carpinteros
Chair: David Kunzle

Daniel Maze
The Bellini Workshop: Emancipations, Enterprises, and Cittadini Originari
Chair: Joanna Woods-Marsden

Janet Stephens
Constructing the Pre-Columbian Past: Peruvian Paintings of the Inka Dynasty, 1572-1879
Chair: Cecelia Klein


Ethan Cole
Moche Marks of Distinction: Time and Politics in Painted Pottery Substyles of the Moche Culture, North Coast, Peru AD 100-900
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Jenny Lin
Above Sea: Modern and Contemporary Art from the Ruins of Shanghai’s New Heaven on Earth
Chair: Miwon Kwon

Mika Yoshitake
Lee Ufan and the Art of Mono-Ha in Postwar Japan (1968-1972)
Co-Chairs: Miwon Kwon and George Baker


Kristin Chiem
Fashioning Identity: Hua Yan (1682-1756) and Art Production in Eighteenth-Century Hangzhou and Yangzhou
Chair: Hui-shu Lee

Hope Childers
The Visual Culture of Opium in British India
Chair: Saloni Mathur

Michelle Craig
(In)Secure Space: The Mellah of Fez, Morocco
Chair: Steven Nelson

Amanda Herring
Structure, Sculpture and Scholarship: Understanding the Sanctuary of Hekate at Lagina
Chair: Susan Downey

Lisa Homann
When Muslims Masquerade: Lo Gue Performance in Southwestern Burkina Faso
Chair: Steven Nelson

Jungsil Lee
Reconsidering the Body in Korean Modern Art: Ku Ponung’s Body, World, and Art
Chair: Burglind Jungmann

Victoria Lyall
Between Two Worlds: Northern Maya Mural Painting and the Development of a Regional Identity
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Keelan Overton
A Collector and his Portrait: Book Arts and Painting for Ibrahim ‘Adil Shah Ii of Bijapur (R. 1580-1627)
Chair: Irene Bierman-McKinney

Tobias Wofford
Africa as Muse: The Visualization of Diaspora in African American Art, 1950-1980
Chair: Steven Nelson

Lisa Boutin
Displaying Identity in the Mantuan Court: The Maiolica of Isabella D’Este, Federico Ii Gonzaga, and Margherita Paleologa
Chair: Joanna Woods-Marsden

Minku Kim
The Genesis of Image Worship: Epigraphic Evidence for Early Buddhist Art in China
Chair: Lothar von Falkenhausen


Marie Biederman
Biennial Rising — Prospect.1 New Orleans The Spectacle of Disaster / The Disaster of Spectacle and the Aesthetics of Globalization
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Doris Chon
Narrating Shadows: W.G. Sebald’s Photographic Historiography
Co-Chairs: Miwon Kwon and George Baker

Thomas Folland
Robert Rauschenberg’s Queer Modernism: Decoration, Theatricality and Camp in the Combines, 1953-59
Chair: George Baker

Susan Gagliardi
Crossing Borders, Pushing Boundaries: Arts of Power Associations on the Senufo-Mande Cultural “Frontier”
Chair: Steven Nelson

Patricia Goldberg
Ptolemaic Queens and a Roman Empress with Aspects of Tyche and Other Goddesses
Chair: Susan Downey

Heather Graham
Affecting Bodies: Guido Mazzoni’s Lamentations in Context
Chair: Joanna Woods-Marsden

Simon Kenrick
Art, Medicine and Propaganda in Antoine-Jean Gros’ Bonaparte Visiting the Plague-Stricken at Jaffa, 1804
Chair: David Kunzle

Anita Morris
Images of Debauchery: The Prodigal Son’s Revels In Netherlandish Art of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Chair: David Kunzle

Melody Rod-Ari
Visualizing Merit: An Art Historical Study of the Emerald Buddha and Wat Phra Kaew
Chair: Robert Brown

Kim Richter
Identity Politics: Huastec Sculpture and the Postclassic International Style and Symbol Set
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Emily Scott
Wasteland: American Landscapes in/and 1960s Art
Chair: Miwon Kwon

Carolyn Stuart
American Autoscapes: Stuart Davis and the View from the Road, 1920-1940
Chair: Steven Nelson

Robert Summers
A Queer Aesthetics of Existence: Vaginal Davis’s Performative Life and Un-Becoming Artworks
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Christopher Tradowsky
After Sherrie Levine: Appropriation and the Semiotics of Seriality
Chair: Miwon Kwon

Chinghsin Wu
Japan Encounters the Avant-Garde: The Art and Thought of Koga Harue, 1895-1933
Chair: Donald McCallum


Ramela Abbamontian
Armenian-Americans: Art and Diasporic Identity in Los Angeles
Chair: Charlene Villaseñor Black

Melia Belli
Royal Umbrellas of Stone: Memory, Political Propaganda, and Public Identity in Rajput Funerary Architecture
Chair: Irene Bierman

Lauren Kilroy
Dissecting Bodies, Creating Cults: Imagery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in New Spain
Chair: Charlene Villaseñor Black

Natasha Medvedev
The Contradictions in Vereschagin’s Turkestan Series: Visualizing the Russian Empire and its Others
Chair: Saloni Mathur

Nicolas Morrissey
Sakyabhiksus, Palimpsests and the Art of Apostasy: The Emergence and Decline of Mahayana Buddhism in Early Medieval India
Chair: Robert Brown

Jean Murachanian
Leon Tutundjian: Trauma, Identity and Modern Art in the Aftermath of Genocide
Chair: Charlene Villaseñor Black

Gloria Sutton
The Experience Machine: Stan Vanderbeek’s “Movie-Drome” and Expanded Cinema Practices of the 1960S
Chair: Miwon Kwon

Angélica Afanador Pujol
The Politics of Ethnicity: Re-Imagining Indigenous Identities in the Sixteenth-Century Relacion de Michoacan (1539-1541)
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Gianna Carotenuto
Domesticating the Harem: Reconsidering the Zenana and Representations of Elite Indian Women in Colonial Painting and Photography of India, 1830-1920
Chair: Robert Brown

Afroditi Climis
Locating the Politics of Contemporary Public Art: Towards a New Historiography
Chair: Charlene Villaseñor Black

Ross Elfline
Superstudio and the Staging of Architecture’s Disappearance
Chair: Miwon Kwon

Tushara Bindu Gude
Between Music and History: Ragamala Paintings and European Collectors in Late Eighteenth-Century Northern India
Chair: Robert Brown

Jiyeon Kim
Gathering Paintings of Chungin in Late Choson (1392-1910), Korea
Chair: Burglind Jungmann

Beth Lauritis
Lucy Lippard and the Provisional Exhibition: Intersections of Conceptual Art and Feminism, 1970-1980
Chair: Miwon Kwon

Edward Rothfarb
The Architecture of Raja Bir Singh Dev of Orchha (R.1605-1627): Continuity; Adaptation and Invention
Chair: Robert Brown

Cristina Stancioiu
Objects and Identity: An Analysis of Some Material Remains of the Latin and Orthodox Residents of Late Medieval Rhodes, Cyprus, and Crete
Chair: Sharon Gerstel


Aliaa El Sandouby
The Ahl Al-Bayt in Cairo and Damascus: The Dynamics of Making Shrines for the Family of the Prophet
Chair: Irene Bierman

Alkim Akdag Salah
Discontents of Computer Art: A Discourse Analysis on the Intersection of Arts, Sciences nd Technology
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Susan Croteau
“But it Doesn’t Look Indian”: Objects, Archetypes and Objectified Others in Native American Art, Culture and Identity
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Rebecca Hall
Of Merit and Ancestors: Buddhist Banners of Northern Thailand and Laos
Chair: Robert Brown

Shanna Kennedy-Quigley
Illuminating the Memphite Sarapieion
Chair: Susan Downey

Elena Shtromberg
Conceptual Encounters: Art and Information in Brazil (1968-1978)
Chair: Charlene Villaseñor Black

Jennifer Wehmeir
Constructing a Pantheon of Allies: Princely Portraits and All’Antica Palace Decorations in Renaissance Italy During the Reign of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V
Chair: Joanna Woods-Marsden


Jae Emerling
The Gesture of Collecting: Walter Benjamin and Contemporary Aesthetics
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Saleema Waraich
The Ramifications of Ramparts: The Mughal Forts of Lahore, Pakistan and Delhi, India
Chair: Robert Brown

Liangren Zhang
Ancient Society and Metallurgy: A Comparative Study of Bronze Age Societies in Central Eurasia and North China
Chair: Lothar von Falkenhausen

Bo-Kyung Kim
Indefinite Boundaries: Reconsidering the Relationship Between Borobudur and Loro Jonggrong in Central Java
Chair: Robert Brown


Sean Anderson
In-Visible Colonies: Modern Architecture and its Representation in Colonial Eritrea, 1890-1941
Chair: Steven Nelson

Maya Stanfield-Mazzi
The Replication of Ritual in the Colonial Andes: Images of the Virgin of Pomata and Christ of the Earthquakes
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Amy Pederson
Wie er in die Welt kam: Supermen and Modernism in Mid-Century America
Chair: Mary Kelly

Yoko Shirai
Senbutsu: Figured Clay Tiles, Buddhism, and Political Developments on the Japanese Islands, ca. 650 CE – 794 CE
Chair: Donald McCallum

Acacia Warwick
Prefabricated Desire: Surrealism, Mannequins, and the Fashioning of Modernity
Chair: Albert Boime

Jung Ah Woo
The Postwar Art of On Kawara and Yoko Ono: As if Nothing Happened
Chair: Miwon Kwon


Jennifer Marshall
The Stuff of Modern Life: Materiality and Thingness in the Museum of Modern Art’s Machine Art Show, 1934
Chair: Cecile Whiting

Yu Suzuki
The Medicine Master: Yakushi Buddha Icons and Devotional Practices in Heinan Japan
Chair: Donald McCallum

Allyson Williams
“Le Donne, I Cavalier, L’Arme, Gli Amori”: Artistic Patronage at the Court of Alfonso I D’Este, Duke of Ferrara
Chair: Joanna Woods-Marsden

Margartia Wuellner
Adolf Loos in Central European Culture
Chair: Anthony Vidler

Colette Apelian
Negotiating the City: Conserving Fez, Morocco During the French Protectorate (1912-1956)
Chair: Irene Bierman

Debashish Banerji
Locating Abanindranath Tagore: Local, National and Transnational Concerns in a Turn-of-the-Century Indian Artist
Chair: Robert Brown

Kate Mondloch
Thinking Through the Screen: Media Installation, its Spectator, and the Screen
Chair: Miwon Kwon

Mario Ontiveros
Reconfiguring Activism: Inquiries into Obligation, Responsibility and Social Relations in Post 1960s Art Practices in the United States
Chair: Donald Preziosi


Pearlie Baluyut
Institutions and Icons of Patronage: Arts and Culture in the Philippines During the Marcos Years, 1965-1986
Chair: Albert Boime

Roxanna Brown
The Ming Gap and Shipwreck Ceramics in Southeast Asia
Chair: Robert Brown

Paul Koudounaris
Barbarians Within and Without: The Visual Construction of Alterity in Early Modern Europe
Chair: David Kunzle

Elisa Mandell
The Birth of Angels: Posthumous Portraits of Infants and Children in Mexican Art
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Ivana Mladenovic
John Ruskin: The Medieval Mission
Chair: Albert Boime

Damon Willick
Conceptualizing Kienholz: Reconsidering Ed Kienholz in Contemporary Art History
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Maria Deprano
The Art Works Honoring Giovanna Degli Albizzi: Lorenzo Tornabuoni, the Humanism of Poliziano, and the Art of Niccolo Fiorentino and Domenico Ghirlandaio
Chair: Joanna Woods-Marsden

Beverly Grindstaff
Designing the Mensch als Kunstwerk: Kant, Hygiene and the Aesthetics of Health in Wilhelmine Germany
Chair: Albert Boime

Eulogio Guzman
Sculpting Imperialism?: The Diverse Expression of Local Cults and Corporate Identity in the “Two Tufted” Figure at the Templo Mayor
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Paul Lavy
Visnu and Harihara in the Art and Politics of Early Historic Southeast Asia
Chair: Robert Brown


Christine Sellin
Uitgedreven en Door Gods Engel Geredt’: The Biblical Hager and Ishmael in Seventeenth Century Netherlandish Painting and Literature
Chair: David Kunzle

Cynthia Skvorec
The Art of Interaction: Distance and Social Status in Prepalatial Crete
Chair: Donald Preziosi


Justine Andrews
Imagery in the Aftermath of the Crusades: A Fourteenth-Century Illustrated Commentary on Job (Paris B.N., MS. Graecus 135)
Chair: Barbara Zeitler

John Bowles
Bodies of Work: Autobiography and Identity in Adrian Piper’s Conceptual and Performance Art
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Delia Cosentino
Landscapes of Lineage: Nahua Pictorial Geneologies of Colonial Tlaxcala, Mexico
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Susanne Anderson
Print Makers at the French Academy in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Chair: Albert Boime

Santhi Kavuri
From Picturesque Ruin to World Heritage Site: A Spatial History of Fatehpur Sikri
Chair: Robert Brown

Guolong Lai
The Baoshan Tomb: Religious Transition in Art, Ritual, and Text During the Warring States Period (408-211 BCE)
Chair: Lothar von Falkenhausen

Elizabeth Lopez
The Mexican Front: Artist Collectives in Mexico City, 1968-1985
Chair: Albert Boime

John Ott
The Gilded Rush: Art Patronage, Industrial Capital, and Social Authority in Victorian California
Chair: Cecile Whiting

Eric Segal
Realizing Whiteness in U.S. Visual Culture: The Popular Illustration of J. C. Leyendecker, Norman Rockwell, and The Saturday Evening Post, 1917-1945
Chair: Cecile Whiting

Pei-Jung Wu
The Manjusri Statues and Buddhist Practice of Saidaiji: A Study on Iconography, Interior Features of Statues, and Rituals Associated with Buddhist Icons
Chair: Donald McCallum

Laura Meyer
Louise Bourgeois and the Subject of Modernism
Chair: Donald Preziosi


Sandra Esslinger
Art in the Third Reich: The Fabrication of National Cultural Identity
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Amy Galland
Immigrant in America
Chair: Albert Boime

Travis Kranz
The Tlaxcalan Conquest Pictorials: The Role of Images in Influencing Colonial Policy
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Patricia Mannix
Mary Kelly’s Interim: A Reexamination and Reevaluation
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Marie Timberlake
The Painted Image and the Fabrication of Colonial Andean History: Jesuit and Andean Visions in Conflict in Matrimonio de Garcia de Loyola con Nuestra Beatriz
Cecelia Klein

Nancy Um
A Red Sea Society in Yemen: Architecture, Urban Form, and Cultural Dynamics in the Eighteenth-Century Port City of Al-Mukha
Irene Bierman

Mohamed El Amrousi
Beyond Muslim Space: Jeddah, Muscat, Aden and Port Said
Irene Bierman


Margaret Jackson
Notation and Narrative In Moche Iconography, Cerro Mayl, Peru
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Stacy Kamehiro
Monarchs, Monuments and Museums: Public Art, National Culture, and the Reign of King Kalakaua in Late 19th-century Hawai’I
Chair: Cecelia Klein


Marie Clifford
Brand Name Modernism: Helen Rubenstein’s Art Collection, Feminity, and the Marketing of Modern Style, 1925-1940
Chair: Cecile Whiting

Roberta Panzanelli
Pilgrimage in Hyperreality: Images and Imagination in the First Phase of the “New Jerusalem” at Varallo (1486-1530)
Chair: Carlo Pedretti

Wendy Shaw
Possessors and Possessed: Objects, Museums and the Visualization in the Late Ottoman Empire
Chair: Irene Bierman

Ralf Siegmund
A Critical Review of Theories about the Origin of the Ancient Egyptian State
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Joann Byce
Art, Myth & Magic: The Status of the Object in a Virtual World
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Robert Decaroli
Haunting the Buddha: The Influence of Indian Spirit Religions on the Formation of Buddhism
Chair: Robert Brown

Lynn Matheny
Reactionary Modernism and Fascist Aesthetics: National Socialist Visual Culture and the Appropriation of Modernism
Chair: Anthony Vidler

Mary Storm
The Historic Image: Self-Sacrificial Decapitation in the Art of India
Chair: Robert Brown

Hegnar Watenpaugh
The Image of an Ottoman City: Imperial Architecture and the Representation of Urban Life in Aleppo in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Chair: Irene Bierman


Louise Hitchcock
Fabricating Signification: An Analysis of the Spatial Relationships Between Room Types in Minoan Monumental Architecture
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Marilee Jantzer-White
Beyond Modernism: Anishinaabe Abstraction, Activism, and Traditionalism
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Joanna Roche
Joseph Cornell and the Making of Money
Chair: Cecile Whiting

Ellen Sacco
Spectacular Masculinities: The Museums of Peale, Baker and Bowen in the Early Republic
Chair: Albert Boime

Kerri Steinberg
Photography, Philanthropy, and the Politics of American Jewish Identity
Chair: Albert Boime

Ann Steinsapir
Rural Sanctuaries of Roman Syria: The Dynamics of Architecture in the Sacred Landscape
Chair: Susan Downey

Carel Bertram
The Turkish House, an Effort of Memory
Chair: Irene Bierman

James Grebl
The Social and Cultural Context of Programs in Pompeian Wall Painting
Chair: Susan Downey

Victoria Reed
Discourses on (the art of) Eva Hesse
Chair: Donald Preziosi


Kurt Behrendt
The Architecture of Devotion: Image and Relic Shrines of Gandhara (1st-6th C. C.E.)
Chair: Robert Brown

Anastasia Easterday
Charting a Course in an Intractable Profession: Women Sculptors in 19th-century France
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Andrea Fredericksen
The Metropolitan Picturesque: Associating Ideas in Modern London
Chair: Albert Boime

Lillian Joyce
Maenads and Bacchantes: Images of Female Ecstasy in Greek and Roman Art
Chair: Susan Downey

Rachel Hoffman
Tourism and the Dogon Sculptor
Chair: Donald McCallum

Ruth Iskin
Impressionism, Women, and the Public Sphere of Modernity
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Wendy Katz
Learning Taste: Art and the Making of an Antebellum Middle Class Identity
Chair: Cecile Whiting

Lizzetta Lefalle-Collins
Sargent Claude Johnson: The Intersection Between a Double Consciousness and the Ideals of Modernism
Chair: Cecile Whiting

Jo-Ann Morgan
African-American Women in Nineteenth Century Visual Culture
Chair: Cecile Whiting

Maria Pradel
The Fragments of the Tenjukoku Shucho Mandara: Reconstruction of the Iconography and the Historical Contexts
Chair: Donald McCallum

Dennis Sexsmith
Going Up in the World, And Down: Social Mobility in the Caricature of J.J. Grandville, 1826-1847
Chair: David Kunzle

May Talbot
Reevaluating the Dura Synagogue’s West Wall Iconography: A Deuteronomic Response and Affirmation
Chair: Susan Downey


Dagmar Grimm
Max Beckman: Sex and Politics
Chair: David Kunzle

Katherine Hauser
Something Happened: A Cultural History of Photorealism
Chair: Cecile Whiting

Karen Lang
The German Monument, 1790-1914: Subjectivity, Memory and National Identity
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Susan Masuoka
Crossing Borders: Miguel Covarrubias and the Re-Representation of the Other
Chair: Albert Boime

Alexander Waintrub
Crime of Passion: Surrealism, Allegory and the Dismembered Body
Chair: Albert Boime


Constance Cortez
Gaspar Antonio Chi and the Xiu Family Tree
Cecelia Klein

Helen Crotty
Anasazi Mural of the Pueblo IV Period, AD 1300-1600: Influences, Selective Adaptation, and Cultural Diversity in the Prehistoric Southwest
Chair: Cecelia Klein

Joy Gritton
The Institute of American Indian Arts: A Convergence of Modernism and U.S. Indian Policy
Cecelia Klein

Lea Kaufman
The Paintings of Isack Van Ostache, 1621-1649
Chair: David Kunzle

Andrea Liss
Trespassing Through Shadows: History, Memory and Photography in Contemporary Representations of the Holocaust
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Lyle Massey
The Gamble of the Gaze: Anamorphosis and the Problem of Pictorial Illusion
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Sanda Agalidi
The Mannheim Exhibition of 1925 and the Idea of the New Objectivity
Chair: Albert Boime

Marie Alanen
Architectural Reuse at Jerash: A Case Study in Transformations of the Urban Fabric, 100 BC – 750 AD
Chair: Susan Downey

Philip Armstrong
Readings in Iconography: An Essay on Poussin and Rilke
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Gail Bryant
Kuhon Ojozu: Paintings of the Nine Grades of Birth: Context and Interpretation
Chair: Donald McCallum

Elisabeth Cameron
Negotiating Gender: Initiation Arts of Mwadi and Mukanda Among the Lunda and Luvale, Kabompo District, North-Western Province, Zambia
Chair: Donald McCallum

Parme Giutini
The Politics of Display: Familly Portraits, the Royal Academy and Modern Domestic Ideology
Chair: David Kunzle


Sherry Fowler
Muroji: A Contextual Analysis of the Temple and its Images
Chair: Donald McCallum

Susana Jacob
Film and Political Advertisements of South India: Urban Spectacle, Popular Culture, Third World Industry
Chair: Donald Preziosi

Yoshiko Kainuma
Kaikei and Early Kamakura Buddhism – A Study of the An’Amiyo Amida Form
Chair: Donald McCallum

Pamela Kort
The Ugly Face of Beauty: Paul Klee’s Images of Aphrodite
Chair: David Kunzle

Frauke von der Horst
Anna Blume “Gut Aufgehoben”: A Semiotic Interpretation of Works by Kurt Schwitters
Chair: Donald Preziosi